Future Value

If you deposit money (say in a bank), it will earn interest for you; your money will grow. To find out what your money will be worth in the future, click Utilities, then Compound Interest and then Future Value.

This window opens.

You fill all the boxes except the last two.

Principal: this is the amount of money you deposited in the bank. Do not type a dollar sign.

Nominal Annual Rate: this is the interest rate the bank is paying per year.

Compounding: interest can be calculated in various ways. Usually this is Daily or Monthly.

Enter the date you put the money in and the date at which you want the value. Hit Calculate.


In the above example, $2000, with interest at 4% compounded monthly, will be worth $2081.48 in one year.


The 12 Complete Conversions refers to the 12 months in that one-year period, months because of monthly compounding.


If you do not know the interest rate, but you know the value now and the value in the future, fill them in but leave the Nominal Annual Rate blank. CalGraph will figure out the rate of interest.