Moving your Graph

Once you have your graph, you may want to jazz it up. Click Edit and then Copy to Clipboard sends the graph to the Clipboard. From here you can paste it into the many Windows programs that accept graphics.


One useful program is included with the Windows operating system itself: Paint. Hit the Start key, then All Programs, then Accessories and then Paint. Paint does a very nice job editing your graph. Paint is easy to use, partly because it does not have a lot of bells and whistles. To add the math symbols like x2  to the graph,

I use the A button. I type the x and the 2. I select the 2 and drag it up beside the x. Many math symbols are available on the Symbol font.


If you have Microsoft Word, you can paste from CalGraph. The Equation Editor which is part of Word will allow you to make any math formula you want, which you can place before, after or on top of the graph. WordPerfect also does this.


A suggestion: I find that the size of my graph makes quite a difference to the document I put it in. Sometimes if I copy the graph into another program and then pull on the corner to stretch or shrink it, the graph seems to lose a lot in quality. To avoid this, I adjust the size of the CalGraph window, which adjusts the size of my graph and then Edit > Copy to the Clipboard and Paste into that other program.