Save the Graph

Save your work from time to time, just in case. And if the graph is elaborate, or if you are interrupted while you are working, saving your work will protect you from the boredom having to do it over.


To save your graph, click File on the top of the CalGraph window, and then Save. You see the File Save window. The file will be saved in the folder listed beside Save in:.  If this is where you want to save the file, great.


If not, look underneath. There is a big space listing folders and the CalGraph files inside the Save in folder.  If you want to save in one of listed folders, double-click it to open it. If you don't like this folder, click on the  to look at other places you could save the file. You can even click   to open a new folder.


Name your file in the File Name box. Now click on Save.


You only need to do this the first time you save the file. From now on, if you click on File and then Save, your graph is saved as the file you have specified.


If you have modified your file, but want to keep the old version too, do NOT click on File > Save. This would write over the old version.

Instead, click on File and then Save As. Once again, you get to decide on a file name (and a different folder if you want).


CalGraph saves your work in its own type of file; you can tell these files because their names end with  .kag

This enables CalGraph to open them again with every feature of your graphs preserved. No other program will open the kag file.



You may want to use the graph you have made in another program. Save it first and then you can Copy and Paste it, or Export it.


To look at a graph you have saved, click File and then Open.