Change the x values, the Domain

CalGraph usually begins with the values of  x running from  -5 to  5. This may be what you want, but probably it isn't. To change the Domain, click Customize and then Curve Domains/Range.


Enter the lowest x-value you want in Xmin and the highest x-value you want in Xmax. Click Apply and CalGraph will redraw the graph with your new domain for  x. If you like the result, click OK or Close.


Change the y values, the Range

More likely you will want to change the y-values as well. Enter the lowest  y-value you want in Ymin and the highest y-value you want in Ymax. Click Apply to see the difference. I often need several tries to get the Range the way I like it. Once you are satisfied click OK or Close.


There is a shortcut to this window: Ctrl+m


If you have several different graphs, you can have a different domain for each one.