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Math Interactive's CalGraph is more than a Graphing Calculator with a truly simple interface. Its features include Statistics, Financial Calculations, Conversions, Curve-Fitting and Linear Algebra. Please see the Products page for a more detailed description.


 Try a fully functional trial version for 30 days.

How to buy

Download and install the trial version. On opening CalGraph, click on "Register Now" and "Get Registration Code Online" which will send you to the payment processing page of this website. After paying the introductory price of $24.99 US, you will receive a code which you can paste into the Registration dialog box.

Splash screen Registration screen

Open CalGraph again, click on "Register Now" again, paste the code and click on "Start".

License for CalGraph

The cost of this very user friendly, battle-tested program with so many features is ridiculously low. However, your license is only valid for one computer.

System Requirements

CalGraph will run on every flavor of Windows from Windows 98. This, of course, includes all editions of XP and Vista. You will need at least 500 Mg of RAM and a processer which runs at 1.8+ Ghz, requirements met by virtually every personal computer built this century.
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