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Math Interactive: FAQ

1) What is the policy regarding updates and bug fixes?

Refinements and some minor features will be added in the next few months. After having been thoroughly tested at a junior college for the last two years, we do not expect many bugs; those that are found will corrected immediately. You can download the latest update of CalGraph 7.x at any time.

If you are using a trial version of CalGraph 7.x, the updated version will expire at the end of the original trial period. If you have paid, you also have a perpetual license for any new version of CalGraph 7.x.
In a year or two, we plan to offer a new version (8.x) of CalGraph with the addition of some major features. We will offer a significant price reduction for those who have purchased 7.x.
You can download the latest help files with no restrictions on usage any time.

2) Can we get a site license for our business or educational institution?

Yes, we will communicate with you within one business day after you provide us with your coordinates. Contact Us.

3) Why shouldn't we buy Maple instead of CalGraph? It has a lot of features you don't.

Lots of reasons:
a) Cost: Depending on whether or not you are eligible for their educational license, Maple costs between 6 and 16 times as much as CalGraph.
b) In fact, we have some very useful features Maple doesn't: Conversions, Compound Interest Calculations, Statistics, Zooming, left-click on any point to display its coordinates, Curve-Fitting and right-click menus for graph customization. Everyone who has seen Maple and CalGraph agrees that our graphs are much, much better looking. The features which Maple has which we don't (yet) are only needed by a tiny fraction of calculator users.
c) Ease of use: Anyone who has used the simplest of hand-held calculators can draw complicated graphs within seconds of having installed CalGraph. Who has time to read an usage manual comprising hundreds of pages and learn a programming language? Bright people have been exasperated in even attempting to add 1+1 with Maple.

4) Why pay anything for a Graphing Calculator which includes Conversions, Financial Mathematics, Statistics, Matrix and Vector Operations, Zooming and Least Square Lines and lots more? It is possible to get most of what you offer for free.

No single free program offers even one tenth of our features, has a truly simple interface and is robust.
For example, Microsoft's Calculator Plus doesn't attempt to do even 5% of what CalGraph can. It is far more difficult to use and is not supported (no bug fixes nor feature additions promised).
There is some free reasonably good software available, but do you really want to have to learn how to use 10 different programs and then have to flip back and forth between them?
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