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Bob's Calculus: Sorry, still in development

It is a truism, but students perform better in any course and, in particular Mathematics, if they are interested, given an opportunity to learn actively (as opposed to listening to a lecture), given some idea of where and how the theory is applied in real life and provided with feedback.

Our interactive Calculus tutorials, named "Bob's Calculus" after their creator, Bob de Jean, briefly explain the topics with some background material and lots of examples. Some exercises are fully worked out; others prompt the students at each step and, if the answers are incorrect, send a response tailored to the type of error.

Our tutorial has been in development concurrently with CalGraph and has been extensively tested in the Math Lab of John Abbott College by roughly thirty students per semester. We intend to improve the graphics and add solved and unsolved problems before making it available to the general public by the Fall 2008 semester.

The tendency in multi-disciplinary educational institutions is to offer different versions of Calculus for Commerce and Science students, along with different textbooks. We intend to organize our explanations and problem sets into "For All", "For Science Students", "For Commerce Students" etc. We will also add "Advanced Material" and "Applications".
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